Sunday, January 25, 2015

New start

After traveling in Taiwan for a week, I got back to my little room at home in Taichung. Feeling like getting ready for a new job, I started making another gmail that makes more sense to people as my main account (instead of WaterTranquil, that might be easier to spell but harder to explain). Also, registered a domain as this blog is run on.

It's getting late, I guess I'd love to set out a goal to post something useful every now and then. Some topics in mind: travel, cultural differences, and some random lessons learned.

I loved the power of writing, to think more clearly and share to anyone interested. Similar to why I write reviews on Yelp, I felt I have benefited from all the blog posts I read for everything useful - technical, travel, food related in other countries, culture, etc. I might also consider adding some personal posts to serve as reflections. :-)

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