Sunday, June 28, 2015


My best friend from grad school Lancy's husband Andrew has the same birthday, we were hoping to do something together as a group. Finally we came to this last minute plan on an escape at Paniq sicko room in downtown SF. As little as I wanted to spoil the fun, it was the best just going without knowing anything about what it might be.

We escaped lol. With some hints, but I don't think we could have finished in time without the whole team. Everyone got different clues. Oh and the quiz. It was definitely a memorable birthday escape.


One week after escape from the sicko room, we escaped to the east coast. Just for a bit more than a week, to Philly, Scranton, NYC, Washington DC and then AC for 4th of July. It's great feeling to escape from ordinary routines for a bit, being in a different city and pace. Till I miss the Bay Area again.

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